Falling in Love in the Laboratory || PART 1

4 thoughts on “Falling in Love in the Laboratory || PART 1”

  1. Hi so I just discovered your blog! (which is super awesome by the way) haha I don’t think you know me because we were together at Bellis maybe for a year or two and then you graduated at TCHS a year before I was a freshman. But I’m sorry for being so stalkerish! I have never talked you in person but I heard nice things about you from TC and Bellis people talking about alumni. I was curious to who you were so I followed you on Instagram and one thing lead to another and then I discovered your blog. I would also like to say that you have a wonderful testimony! Btw I have a blog too which is mainly just book reviews and whatnot. But yeah! I love your writing style it’s very personal and conversational. I no longer feel alone in the blogging world of using parentheses, emojis, and text talk. The title of this post was very misleading. so sorry for the randomness at the end and happy blogging! -Jireh😊


    1. Hi Jireh!
      Aw super glad to hear that you resonated with my blog & ya the super casual conversational style haha. Cool to see that you blog as well. Thanks for all the kind words, you’re so sweet. :’) I think I remember being at Bellis with you! Were you in Melody’s cabin at some point?

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      1. Haha yeah! That was my first year. I was the crazy kid who kept screaming in her sleep… I was kinda wild at Bellis… I really had Melody worn out at the end of the week. I’m curious, are you still a counselor? I haven’t applied for JC because camp is the same time during a church conference. 😞


  2. yes I totally remember hearing those stories! And I wasn’t able to go last year because I was in Nepal/Taiwan so I’m not longer a counselor, though I really miss it! 😭 What church do you go to?


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