3 Things You Never Knew About Me

2 thoughts on “3 Things You Never Knew About Me”

  1. Okay! I think I got it:
    I think the biggest character trait that I both admire a lot and annoys me the most when it’s lacking is integrity—the continuity in one’s character. It’s the idea that a person is not divided into “multiple personalities” and are different depending on the situation and people they’re with. Although I think there’s also a distinction between lack of integrity and knowing how to act appropriately in different occasions.

    This particularly stands out to me in Christians. The Christians I tend to admire a lot are the ones who show their faith in everyday life, not just when discussing Christian matters: what they say they believe actually affects how they make decisions. What, then, bothers me is when Christians lack integrity, doing things such as lying or idolizing food in a normal day. Perhaps it’s a lack of understanding, patience, or even a willingness to exhort on my end.

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